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Why Invest in a Professional Photographer?

Booking a professional photo shoot for your business can seem like an intimidating investment, especially if you’re starting out or you’re a sole business owner. However, as a professional photographer who works with many different businesses, I can assure you the cost will pay off. Here are just a few reasons why:

It makes your business look professional

When it comes to your business, you would probably hire an IT professional rather than trusting yourself to run your computers, network, website and emails. The same is true of photography. Sure, there’s a time and place for selfies and snapshots, especially with the different social media platforms these days. But getting your friend down the street to take your website images with their iPhone or even their Canon Rebel isn’t going to deliver the same level of quality as hiring a pro.

Firstly, you will get better photos because a professional photographer has invested in high-quality, expensive equipment. But it’s about more than the equipment. Professional photographers have years of training and experience with how to get the most out of their equipment … and their clients! Two of the key ingredients to getting the best shot are what I call PRESENCE and POLISH.


As trained professionals, we have the visionartistry and guidance to get the best out of you and deliver outstanding photos. Photographs are about more than a static image. Especially if you’re an entrepreneur in the services industry, your brand relies on YOU and as a photographer, I bring that out, tell a story with your images, and make you stand out from the crowd. Head shots are way more than just mugshots; the secret is pulling out your personality to show off the best side of you.

We know all about helping you relax, managing the flow of a photo shoot so you don’t have to, trouble shooting on the spot, the dynamics of group shots, dealing with different personalities, and even getting kids to cooperate! A professional photographer will create a plan for your photo shoot and offer advice on wardrobe, hair and makeup. We also know how to make the best of the location and can recommend the right setting for your brand, whether it’s a studio, your office, or an outside location. We also advise on the best time of day and lighting. We also bear in mind whether your images are for headshots, product pages, a marketing brochure or website banners and plan the shoot accordingly.


Excellent photos are not just a matter of snapping a great moment. Clicking the shutter (and all the experience it takes to know when to do that!) is the first step but the true magic happens in the dark room. These days, Photoshop is our dark room. As professionals, we know how to use editing tools to pull out the best shots which showcase your brand. Post production and retouches are as important as clicking the shutter,  an amateur won’t have the experience or tools to deliver that.

You’ll have a portfolio of images

With so many social media platforms available, it’s important to have a range of images to communicate your brand, products and services. Just one stock image repeated over and over won’t cut it. When you book a photo shoot with a professional, you can get portraits, product shots, website banner images and ‘custom’ stock photography all from one session. It may seem like a big investment up front, but when you think of the variety of photos you’ll be able to use, the outlay is worth it. The nature of our online world is that people are skipping between stories and platforms quickly and, as the saying goes, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’. You can grab a potential customer’s attention with original photography. What’s more, the higher quality and engaging your images, the more likely others will share them, resulting in a wider reach and more word-of-mouth.

It communicates your brand

Take a quick look at your website and ask yourself: do your photos emulate your brand? Your photos represent you, your product or service and the experience the customer will get. They are just as important as the actual product or service you sell, especially when customers are browsing and making decisions. The reality is, you won’t stand out if you use stock photography; what if your competitor picks the same image as you? Your website is like a shop window and first impressions do matter. Photos snapped on an iPhone may show the products available, but professional photographs can actually tell a story and deliver an experience to your potential customer. An experience which says, ‘this is the kind of brand you’ll be buying into when you do business with us’. Photography is a powerful tool in developing ‘lifestyle branding’ and I’ll return to this topic in an upcoming post, so check back for more on this!

Hopefully I’ve convinced you that professional photographs will help establish your company as reputable, credible and authentic. You get what you pay for so make sure to do your research. There are plenty of individuals out there who claim to be professionals but are actually just moonlighting with a good camera. Look through several portfolios, meet face-to-face, and interview a few potential photographers. Do you appreciate their artistic style and vision? Do they resonate with you? Do they understand your goals, vision and direction? Do your personalities mesh? You have to like their artistic vision because otherwise you’re not going to get what you want.

Before I leave you, the two lovely ladies featured in this post are:
• Sarah Sambles – she is a writer, coach and simply an overall beautiful person.  If you’re in search of some well written words for your website, social media needs or would simply like a little bit of coaching on how to write your own a little better feel free to visit her online at: SarahSambles.com
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Would you like to discuss a photo session for your business? Reach out, and we’ll devise a plan that captures your brand-story.

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