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master the art of using stock photos

Learn how stock photos can perfectly harmonize with your unique brand identity, starting with a little success story to spark your imagination.

Elevate your brand: Mastering the Art of Using Stock Photos

As a brand photographer and a purveyor of stock photos, I wanted to answer I question I often get: How do I use stock photos with my brand?!?!?! Today, I’m not just discussing tips; I’m diving into how stock photos can perfectly harmonize with your unique brand identity, starting with a little success story to spark your imagination.

Storytime: Emily, an emerging online business coach, excelled in empowering entrepreneurs with her innovative methods and impactful content. However, her visual branding didn’t quite reflect the professionalism and dynamism of her coaching style, especially with a limited budget.

Enter the world of stock photos. Emily smartly selected images that echoed her brand’s empowering spirit. She revamped her website using a blend of stock + personal brand photos, transforming it into a visually inviting space for her audience. The transformation was the most striking on social media. She was able to craft inspiring, brand-consistent posts using stock photos, blended with snapshots from her webinars. This mix not only enhanced her professional appeal but also magnetically attracted more clients. Emily didn’t stop there, stock photos became an integral part of her webinars and online course presentations. They added a visually engaging layer to her presentations, helping retain audience attention and strengthening her brand’s message.

Emily’s journey illustrates how with the right images, reflecting your brand’s ethos, can significantly enhance your visual identity and audience connection. Now, let’s get you started on your journey with how to use these visual assets:


(sample pinterest graphics using MSS stock)


Website Wonders:

Your website is your digital storefront. Use stock photos that align with your brand’s tone to create a welcoming and professional online presence. Places to use them throughout your site would be: headers or hero images but you can also use stock photos as background images or to create sidebar widgets, buttons, or any other type of graphic on your website (think page headers, sales pages, contact pages and more)!  Basically anywhere you’re not using a custom photo (like a photo of yourself or your product), you can use stock photos that fit your brand.

Social Media Storytelling:

Stock photos can add visual diversity to your social media platforms, helping to weave a story around your brand and products. Even if you have your own brand photos, using stock photos can be a great way to supplement those custom images with high quality visuals that still represent your brand. Whether you are posting stock photos “as is” or creating graphics by adding text and/or other design elements, having a stock photography membership is a great way to have access to thousands of images in one place!

Emails with Impact:

Make your email newsletters more engaging with visuals that complement your message, keeping readers interested and connected. A well-placed stock photo can turn a mundane update into an engaging story.

Blog Post Beauties:

Break up text and add context to your blog posts with relevant stock images. It enhances readability and keeps your audience engaged. TIP: Creating Pinterest-optimized graphics for your blog posts (and obviously pinning them), is an easy way to get your content in front of more people. Pinterest is a great way to get referral traffic to read your blog posts!!

BELOW is a collection of images that could be used for any – healthy eating, nutrition, wellness, healthy habits, yoga blog post / social post / website.

Here are a few more ideas:

Presentation Pizzazz: Spice up your PowerPoint or Keynote presentations with stock photos that don’t scream “stock.” It’ll keep your audience engaged and impressed. You don’t want all of your slides to just include plain bullet points (that would be totally boring), using stock photos is an easy way to incorporate more of your brand into your presentations.

Business Cards that Pop + Other Print Products: Who says business cards must be dull? A subtle stock photo background can make your card memorable. Similarly, when you use stock photos in your brochures, flyers, and other marketing materials to maintain visual consistency and brand recognition.

Client Welcome Guides: There are several touch points with your clients that could be visually enhanced using styled stock photos. An impactful one is using them in client welcome guides or other parts of your on-boarding experience.

Product Mockups: Selling something? Use stock photos as mockups to showcase your products in different settings.

Ad Adventures: Whether it’s online or print ads, compelling stock images can make your pitch irresistible. The right graphics can make a HUGE difference in someone clicking through on an ad (or not), so don’t underestimate the power of high quality photos when it comes to using ads to market your brand.

Profile Picture Perfection: Use a high-quality stock photo as a background for your professional profiles, letting your personal brand headshots stand out.

Cover Photo Cohesion: Create a cohesive look across your social platforms with matching or themed stock cover photos.

eBook Elegance: If you’re into eBooks or guides, stock photos can provide an attractive visual narrative.

Online Courses and Webinars: Engage your learners with stock images that illustrate your points and break the monotony of text slides.

Video Thumbnails: Draw viewers to your YouTube or social media videos with enticing stock photo thumbnails.

Gift Cards and Merch: If you’re into merchandising, stock photos can add a professional touch to your designs.

Remember, the key is in the selection. Each stock photo you choose should feel like a piece of your brand’s puzzle, fitting seamlessly into the bigger visual story you’re painting for your audience. By following these steps, you’re not just adding images; you’re enhancing your brand’s narrative, just like Sophia did.

Have fun embracing the power of stock photography, while mixing with your personal brand photos and watch your brand flourish with a visual story that captivates and resonates.

Happy branding! 🌟📸💼 

Yours in creativity

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