Personal Brand Story Photography for:

Shari Black

Facilitator / Coach / Leader

My session with Shari was simply amazing, she is such an outgoing, compassionate human being with a innate natural gift for just being herself. The images we captured from our time together reflect that story.
Shari’s brief was fairly straight forward – She was looking for a set of images, that weren’t overly posed, pretentious or scripted. She was also working on a new business idea (course) that helps Adults living with ADHD thrive and succeed in their every day lives. So not only did I need to capture images showcasing Shari – the face behind the brand but also a series of images she could use throughout her course material, call it bespoke stock.
During the shoot I was able to not only help Shari fill her brief but also navigate not liking how she looks in images!! My favourite part of any session is when the lightbulb moment happens and clients realize – hey I don’t look so bad in these!! This is usually comes after about the first half hr, when they kind of forget about the camera and any pre-existing dislikes of being photographed, and a familiarity with each other has been established. To me this is when the magic happens, veils and masks are dropped and the real personalities shine through.
Shari’s home was the perfect backdrop to these images as it personified all of the things she talks about in her course and showcased her love of Scandi decor and design.

Find Shari online: LINKED IN

In my heart I believe this 2hr session was a success, the images showcase Shari’s outgoing fabulous personality, alongside all her tiny things / habits that bring the dopamine rush she talks about in her course content for ‘Black to Basics’ helping adults with ADHD succeed in life.
If this collection has inspired you to have your own brand story captured, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Yours in creativity,

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