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swoon worthy images for the win!

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When you invest time and money in a professional photo shoot, be it for your business or your family, you want to make the most of it. You want to capture the essence of your brand, your style, your event. You want something memorable and timeless – not just IG worthy. Once you’ve selected your photographer, there’s another crucial step before the day of the shoot: Preparation. Nine times out of ten, its the behind the scenes preparation that make the end photos that much more memorable. Here’s a checklist to ensure a fun and successful photo shoot happens!!
First up: ‘LOCATION’
  • This is always an important element to consider. Are you looking for nature / architecture / landscape / waterways etc? Ottawa is rich in locations where you can start off in one spot, then go for a walkabout and capture a plethora of images, all completely different due to the changing backdrops.

  • Once you’ve chosen your main location, prepare for the weather. Pack umbrellas, layers, or allow for some kind of shade, depending on the time of year, A default rain date works wonders too, sometimes its just too wet.

Second: ‘TIME OF DAY’
  • If this is a family shoot, think about what time of day works best, when everyone is going to be their happiest. This is a big consideration for little kids. Early morning can be just as magical as later afternoons and early evenings.

  • Evening and sunset make for beautiful light, and are great for portraits, you get gooey sunset colours couples with long dramatic shadows..

  • Work with your photographer to find the best day of the week. There is only one Saturday per week, but six others that work equally well!

  • Whether you’re getting head shots or family portraits, it’s probably good to opt for your best going out to dinner clothes, aka your ‘Sunday best’.  Aim to be put together but not too over the top, unless of course you’re looking for images with a little more bling. You want to feel good during the shoot, so wear clothes that reflect that. Pull out some fun clothes that you know you love to wear together OR simply go shopping. Avoid clothes which are oversized, too tight, have wild and crazy patterns. ALL have the potential to make you look larger than you are.  Find something that fits ‘JUST RIGHT, not too snug, a little tailored to show off your shape. When in doubt bring an option or two I know I’m more than happy to help you choose.

  • Coordinate everyone in the shoot but allow for some individuality. Matchy-matchy is a little 80’s, for example, all white or black t’s with jeans. This look doesn’t work on everyone. Instead, think in terms of a colour palette. An example would be: Khaki / White and Navy. Other than that, each child and person has their own unique article of clothing allowing personality to shine.

  • Accessories – jackets, sweaters, scarves – are just as important as the main outfit.  Make sure to complete your look!!

  • Shoes: don’t forget the finishing touch with just the right shoes.  Ladies, don’t be afraid of heels. When you’re wearing a dress they make your legs look amazing and they actually make you stand a little straighter and taller. Pack a flat pair for walking around. Men, polish your shoes the night before.

  • Hair accessories: if the shoot is outdoors make sure you have some hair accessories available in the case of windy weather.

  • Ladies, professional is always a more polished look.  I can provide referrals for those interested.  Gents, if you’re wanting a haircut schedule it for at least a week or two in advance so it looks clean but not super fresh.

  • Wear make-up but ensure it reflects what you’d normally wear. Apply powder to reduce any sheen on your skin. Depending how formal you want the photos to look, you could opt for a professional make over. Bring your lipstick and powder for touch-ups during the shoot.

  • Nails: they may seem like an insignificant consideration, but polished and clean nails do complete the look.

Fifth: ‘PROPS
  • Bring a few things that reflect you as a couple, your family – whatever the scenario – props help bring out a few real-life giggles and heartfelt moments during your session. They also help with crafting the visual story you’re hoping to capture.

  • A child holding their favourite toy car, evokes smiles and will act as a talisman to make them feel safe. Props work like this: Bubbles = playtime = giggles and smiles.

  • Possibilities are endless. 

Six: ‘KIDS
  • Make sure they are well napped and fed. Bring snacks and treats to keep them going.  Bribery does work well at a shoot, but I suggest avoiding those treats while shooting and saving them for the finale. Bring their favourite toys to entertain them between shots. These toys could even be a prop.

  • Avoid colourful drinks and snacks prior to the shoot – you don’t want berry stains on that brand-new white dress!

  • Bring wet wipes or a cloth for wiping up spills if you have an infant in the shoot.

  • Pack a change of clothes, especially for younger children, but adults might want an alternative for some of the photos, or a wrap/sweater/vest to change things up.

Six: ‘KIDS
  • Stay hydrated.

  • Try not to consume alcohol the night before as it can cause puffiness in your face and eyes. Bloodshot eyes aren’t a good look on anyone.

  • Remember to have fun!! This is meant to be a memory making mission, not going to the dentist for fillings.

Every session is beautiful and unique, if you’d like help planning your own don’t hesitate to reach out. I’d love to be the instigator of your memory making, story telling photo journey.

Yours in creativity,

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